This was my first time being a podcast guest. And boy, was it fun (and yes, a little bit scary)!

In this episode of The Pique Podcast, I chatted with Cristina Roman - a Life Coach and former client of mine - about crafting a career with intention. We dug deep into our own professional journeys and some of the tools we use with our clients that you can start using for yourself, today.


Tune in to learn (on AppleStitcher, and Google Play): 

  • My take on how to craft a fulfilling career;

  • Growth mindset and what to do with our limitations;

  • Why I left Silicon Valley and gave up public speaking;

  • How to pivot your career;

  • The beauty of formalizing “safety nets” in our lives; and

  • How to increase the chances of your dream coming true from 65% to 95%.

I hope you'll give yourself 60 minutes today or this week to unlock greater happiness in your work and life...

...or at the very least, to hear my awkward laugh and secret love of Drew Barrymore movies. :)

And if you're inspired, thanks in advance for forwarding the episode to a friend who might enjoy it, or tagging me on your favorite social media platform with your biggest takeaway. I would be oh-so grateful.

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