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Through the Land Your Dream Job program, I landed a job (and several offers along the way) within a month of moving back to the States after three years abroad — and negotiated a $10,000 increase in salary to boot. Liz’s personalized coaching was absolutely invaluable for me. Liz will cheer you on and give you the confidence boosts you need, but she’ll also ask you tough questions and make you look at things from different perspectives. I was so lucky to have Liz as a partner in my job search and highly recommend her as both a course creator and 1:1 coach. Working with Liz is a no-brainer if you’re looking for guidance and accountability.
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Until I met Liz, I felt as though I had exhausted my resources. Fortunately for me, Liz was my next and final step toward my end goal of landing my dream job. I accomplished more in my first 20 minutes with Liz than I had in weeks with other career coaches. Liz truly made a point to understand my situation and created an action plan specifically tailored for me. Throughout the entire time working with Liz, her dedication to seeing me succeed was extremely evident and continues to show even after I accepted my ideal job offer.
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Working with Liz was one of the best things to happen to my career. Liz helped me define my ideal role, highlight my existing skill set, and empowered me to present these assets with confidence. What makes working with Liz so effective, and so special, is the delicate balance she strikes between powerful motivator and trusted friend. She provides actionable feedback with a touch of humor and makes the toughest conversations just that much more approachable. With Liz in my corner I was able to secure a role in my dream industry. More importantly, I enjoyed the process and learned more than I thought possible.
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I would highly recommend LYDJ. It’s a great, structured program that guides you through every aspect of the job search. It helped kickstart my career search journey and provided the guidance I needed along the way, complete with access to online worksheets, homework, and personalized coaching throughout the process. LYDJ not only showed me how to find a company that values my experience and skillset, but also gave me the confidence to fight for what I am worth. I accepted an offer with a great company I am excited about that provides a flexible work-life balance and a significant increase in compensation and benefits.
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Working with Liz was a game changer for my job search. I cannot recommend her highly enough! I reached out to Liz around the time that I had all but given up on finding a good-enough job, let alone a “dream job.” Through her online materials and one-on-one coaching, she helped me articulate my skills and experience in a marketable way that still felt authentic. In the end, Liz helped me identify and pursue an opportunity that has truly turned out to be a dream job. My final interviewer (and new boss) told me that, from what he’d heard from my earlier interviewers, he expected me to walk on water. And to top it off, Liz’s coaching helped me negotiate $20k above the stated salary range.
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Years of retail inspired me to return to college and change my career path. After graduation I excitedly applied to dozens of positions, expecting the combination of my management experience and difficult new degree to place me among the most desirable candidates. Weeks crept by and I did not receive a single interview. A friend had recently been assisted by Liz during a career change and heartily recommended her. Liz has a comprehensive understanding of the job finding process, and excels at breaking it down into motivated steps. She is attentive, upbeat, and deeply knowledgeable. Within a few days of crafting my brand to Liz’s vision, recruiters were chasing me. Liz helped me frame my strengths during interview prep, and after receiving an offer, gave me the courage to successfully negotiate a higher salary. I am very happily employed with a company that appreciates me, and it is due to Liz’s skill and passion.
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After being unemployed for almost a year and trying everything to land a job, from expensive career coaches and programs guaranteeing success, I hit rock bottom. Then one day, I stumbled across Liz’s website. In just a brief period of time, Liz helped me rebuild my confidence and belief in myself. Shortly after a week of working with Liz, my next interview was a success and I was extended an offer. I can’t say enough about how much I have benefited from her program and coaching.
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Liz was essential in helping me change my career path and finding a meaningful direction with my work. Before working with Liz I had ideas and plans to network, but failed to summon the courage to do so. Liz emboldened me to express what I wanted out of my career and helped develop a plan to get me there. Her program and coaching provided the confidence and assurance I needed to be my best self and accomplish something that had been overwhelming for years. I am so thankful for her help and cannot recommend her enough!
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Through her LYDJ program, Liz gave me the tools to narrow down my job search and use my limited time wisely. After the initial guided soul searching, I felt so sure of myself when it came time to apply, interview and eventually accept a job. Liz provides all of the resources you would expect from a career coach: cover letter templates, resume suggestions and interview prep. But the reason you need Liz on your side isn’t the cheat sheets, though they are helpful. You need Liz because as your coach she will become your advocate through what can often be a defeating time. She prepares you for the inevitable speed bumps of rejection and un-returned emails and with her positive outlook you feel confident pushing forward. She’ll help you find and land your dream job and in the process you won’t lose sight of why you ventured down this path to begin with.
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Liz’s coaching has been an invaluable asset to me. Over the past 2.5 years, she has helped me successfully transition into a first-time people manager role, to nail my leadership style, and most recently, to shine in the interview and secure a highly competitive senior management position. She is particularly skilled at meeting you where you are and adapting her style and suggestions in a way that will land and yield the strongest results — this makes her adept at coaching both active job seekers, as well as those who are looking to grow in their current role and navigate within their current career context. She is also a wonderful balance of warm but direct, making every conversation both fun and highly impactful. Liz has given me the tools I needed to reach my goals while being authentic to myself. I recommend her with fierce conviction!
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Liz’s curriculum and coaching were invaluable in my job search. The application, interview and negotiation process can be filled with harrowing of moments self-doubt and uncertainty. Having Liz as a lifeline in those moments helped me to build the self-confidence that I needed to put my best foot forward, and land a marketing role in a new field with a larger company and a 30% pay increase! Having the Next Step Careers framework for my job search helped me to stay organized and to prioritize my time on those efforts most likely to result in offers. Liz’s negotiation advice helped me enter conversations well-prepared and confident that I knew my worth. Staying motivated over the months is challenging during a job search, but having Liz as a support system was crucial to staying on track. I gained unexpected self-awareness throughout my search, and grew so much as a person. I’m now two months into my new role, and it continues to surprise me what a great fit the company is and how much that affects my overall happiness. I am so thankful that I worked with Liz, and the investment has definitely paid off.
— Katie, Atlanta, GA
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Working with Liz immediately helped me feel much more prepared and confident for a series of interviews at a critical juncture in my career. Her process is well thought out, straightforward and genuine. I left my interviews feeling fantastic about how I represented myself truthfully and in a way that explicitly communicated why I was the best candidate for the position. Of course I got the job! The best part (besides getting the job) is that Liz is such a great person to work with. Job searches are not fun, but Liz made my interview prep-work so much more enjoyable and productive that I was almost excited to jump into each interview and present myself. I can’t recommend NSC enough!
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I contacted Liz after losing a job I truly loved. I was feeling unhappy and stressed and dreaded the idea of trying to find a new one. I spoke to coaches in Copenhagen where I live, but they were so business as usual; they all used the word networking but they couldn’t tell you how to do it. I decided to try this upbeat and positive NSC approach to job searching. It was amazing! So crystal clear, a blueprint you can start moving on right away. Liz helped me to re-evaluate what is important to me, and provided the kind of hands-on guidance I needed. I came away from the 9-week course with a new plan of action for my professional future. I’m actually a completely different person than when we started. I feel confident and positive about the process of carrying on with the changes I have put in place. Thank you Liz!
— Beatriz, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Thanks to the hard work and coaching Liz provided, I was successful at securing a new career in HR with Amazon. I could not have done it without her knowledge and guidance. I have never been more happy at a job, and have never been more motivated to keep learning and moving forward. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get where I am today.
— Kaitlyn, Philadelphia, PA
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I reached out to Next Step Careers because I felt stuck after eighteen months of applying and interviewing for jobs. At the time, I had run out of motivation and I really needed help and advice from someone that would inspire me and push me in the right direction. I wasn’t even sure career coaching would help because I didn’t see how I could change my way of doing things. But after months of reading the Next Step Careers blog I decided it was time for one-on-one help. After just one 30-minute conversation with Liz, I noticed a very distinct difference in my attitude and approach; she knew what I was looking for in my next career and I knew what I needed to do to get there. Liz helped me by encouraging me to take a new approach to networking, getting me in the right mindset going into informational interviews, and equipping me with the confidence, coherence, and enthusiasm I needed to excel in the interview that landed me my dream job. I went into the interview poised and prepared, conducted the interview with grace and assertiveness, and left the interview feeling more confident in myself than I ever had before. I would recommend Liz and NSC to anyone who thinks they are doing everything right in their job search, but can’t seem to ‘catch a break,’ or to anyone who is just beginning their search and wants to start off on the right foot.
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Liz’s process really works! I landed a job with an organization I’ve admired for years, and could not be more thrilled! I came to Liz with a vague sense of dissatisfaction in where I was in my career, but without a set of goals or a plan forward, and she totally changed the game for me. Everything from the initial exercises about values, passions, and preferences, all the way through to negotiating my offer was not only useful, but really shifted the way I thought about my career and life more broadly. Rather than thinking about job-searching from the outside in and trying to fit myself into the roles I thought existed, Liz showed me how to to start from myself and my own values and discover what else is out there that could bring me joy.
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I want to say THANK YOU. You have been beyond amazing. I am so thankful for your support, advice and guidance. I have learned so much in working with you and feel like a better job searcher and interviewer because of the skills you have taught me.
— Maureen, Philadelphia, PA
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Looking for a job, particularly when you’re unemployed is no small feat. There are fears, concerns and anxieties. But if there’s anyone who can make the painstaking job search process into one that’s clear and actionable, it’s Liz. Liz works hard to remove those barriers and instills a sense of belief and optimism inside you.
Liz exceeded my expectations and helped me land a new job in less than 1 month. Her knowledge and expertise in today’s current market and professional world was exactly what I was looking for. Most of all, I felt she was really present and alongside with me in this very personal journey. I came into the process feeling uninspired and deflated, and after working with Liz I feel confident and excited about my career.
— Annie, Los Angeles, CA
I was referred to NSC by a client of mine who recognized I wasn’t setting myself up for a long-term career. When Liz and I first spoke it was clear she had a strategic, organized approach to job finding. In the beginning the best part of the coaching experience was having an expert hold me accountable. Later, it was Liz’s broad work experience that gave me insight and best practices. Another huge benefit was her help with written and verbal communication. She helped craft great emails, cover letters, resumes, my LinkedIn profile, and coached me on interview prep. Now, not only have I landed my dream job and negotiated a $22,000 raise in my salary, I also feel incredibly lucky to have found someone so intelligent, successful, and driven in my corner. My experience using NSC was extremely positive and I highly recommend it.
— Alex, New York, NY
There is certainly a wealth of information and resources out there but I truly believe that LYDJ is a cut above the rest. Just like star athletes, musicians, and actors utilize coaches to hone their craft, I also knew as a seasoned professional that I could benefit from expert advice and perspective during my career transition. Liz Cohen’s “Land Your Dream Job” provided me with the tools and techniques necessary to nab my next job in my career. The combination of one on one coaching sessions with written and video materials was the perfect mix of resources from my point of view. But the true value to this course was Liz’s ability to connect with me on a personal level in order to help me understand my competitive edge and ensure I consistently hit it out of the park.
— Dana, Colombus OH
Liz was instrumental in providing a structured plan to address big life decisions I had to make related to my job search. Through her personal coaching program, I was able identify my core values to then prioritize what matters most when choosing a career path. Liz’s coaching also prepared me to negotiate an additional $45,000 in total compensation! I wholeheartedly recommend her work! Her “insider” industry knowledge, effective decision-making frameworks and thoughtful feedback helped me to confidently move forward and take my next step!
— Andrea, San Francisco CA
With Liz’s specific methods for standing out during interviews, I not only landed a job at my dream company; my new manager told me that I’d been the top candidate, and that “I was a unicorn”. I’m so grateful for Liz’s thoughtful, compassionate and innovative career guidance!
— Amanda, San Francisco, CA
I wasn’t sure I needed a coach, but Liz and Land Your Dream Job are an indispensable resource for me and my career.
— Channing, Los Angeles, CA
I signed up for the Land Your Dream Job program after spinning my wheels for over a year job searching. I knew I needed help breaking up my daunting to do list into bite-sized pieces that would allow me to feel like I was making forward progression without taking over all of my free time. The course helped confirm that my approach of focusing on networking was the right one while also providing quick and easy ways to tidy up my standard cover letter, resume, pitch, and probably most importantly—my LinkedIn profile. The course would not have been the same without Liz’s infectious positive attitude and supportive tone. It’s clear this is her passion which only strengthens her case that putting the time into defining what is one’s ideal job can pay off dividends. I can’t recommend Liz and her course more highly to other jobseekers out there.
— Elizabeth, Chicago, IL
Liz is a rock star! Her advice and insight proved vital to my job search. She was always willing to answer any question I had, and helped me hone my networking and interview skills. I’d recommend Liz to any twenty-something navigating the real world and looking for a more fruitful and fulfilling career.
— Lauren, Miami, FL

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