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what the heck is this career coaching thing?

Working with me (Liz!) is like having a personal trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals and dreams.  

Whether you’re seeking career clarity, an easier and more effective job search experience, or success within your current role or organization — I'll help you set authentic goals and make sure you’re taking the best steps to achieve the results you deserve.

I’m also committed to making sure that you have FUN, learn, and grow throughout this process, because advancing your life and career should feel inspiring, empowering, and manageable. And it can!

what can coaching do for you?

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Until I met Liz, I felt as though I had exhausted my resources. Fortunately for me, Liz was my next and final step toward my end goal of landing my dream job. I accomplished more in my first 20 minutes with Liz than I had in weeks with other career coaches. Liz truly made a point to understand my situation and created an action plan specifically tailored for me. Throughout the entire time working with Liz, her dedication to seeing me succeed was extremely evident and continues to show even after I accepted my ideal job offer.
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Working with Liz was one of the best things to happen to my career. Liz helped me define my ideal role, highlight my existing skill set, and empowered me to present these assets with confidence. What makes working with Liz so effective, and so special, is the delicate balance she strikes between powerful motivator and trusted friend. She provides actionable feedback with a touch of humor and makes the toughest conversations just that much more approachable. With Liz in my corner I was able to secure a role in my dream industry. More importantly, I enjoyed the process and learned more than I thought possible.
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Liz’s coaching has been an invaluable asset to me. Over the past 2.5 years, she has helped me successfully transition into a first-time people manager role, to nail my leadership style, and most recently, to shine in the interview and secure a highly competitive senior management position. She is particularly skilled at meeting you where you are and adapting her style and suggestions in a way that will land and yield the strongest results. She is also a wonderful balance of warm but direct, making every conversation both fun and highly impactful. Liz has given me the tools I needed to reach my goals while being authentic to myself. I recommend her with fierce conviction!


what does coaching look like?

I build custom coaching packages for each of my clients. We’ll work together to define your needs, and then meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help you make consistent progress towards your goals. Coaching is over the phone and remote so you can participate from anywhere.

Topics that we could cover together include:

  • Identifying your dream job

  • Crafting a magnetic professional brand

  • Optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile

  • Landing interviews (without applying online!)

  • Networking (without leaving home!)

  • Evaluating grad. school or new credentials

  • Interview mastery and confidence

  • Negotiating for the highest possible salary

  • Hitting the ground running in a new job

  • Securing your next promotion or raise

  • Troubleshooting job search hurdles, bouncing back from rejection

  • Staying accountable, motivated, and empowered throughout your search

  • Getting the recognition, responsibilities, or relationships you desire at work

  • Managing tough personalities

  • Developing new or existing transferable skills


my style

You can read my story and reviews in full, but this brief video gives you a sense of my style and personality: action and results-oriented, empathic, and filled with laughter wherever we can find it.


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