Have you ever wondered what a GREAT response to the dreaded "What's your greatness weakness?" question sounds like?

Most people treat this question like an encounter with a hornet's nest: they freak out and then do whatever they can to get to the other side as unscathed as possible. 

But not preparing your answer in advance -- or giving a response like, "I'm a perfectionist," or, "I can't really think of any weaknesses right now..." can cost you the job offer.

So today I'm releasing a brief video that takes all the guesswork out of this question, with my 5 simple steps for crafting your own stellar answer that's authentic and actually INCREASES your chances of landing the job.

The truth is, it's not as hard as it seems. Once you 'get it', you can nail it, too.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments OR request other questions you want tackled in future videos.