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With Define Your Dream Job you will:

  1. Learn what a "dream job" IS and HOW people are finding theirs today. You'll get perspective on how to plan for long-term career happiness. 

  2. Complete exercises to uncover your Values, Passions, and Workplace Preferences (VPPs) - the three most important aspects of finding a career that fits. 

  3. Strategically identify, explore and evaluate your strong-fit career paths, working off of clear criteria that will guide your entire search.

  4. Gain unshakable confidence in your career direction, eliminating your career anxiety and setting you up for a successful job search and a truly joyful career.

  5. BONUS - get direct, personalized feedback from me on how to make sure you're choosing the right path for you!



The important details:

Normally, the only way to get access to Define Your Dream Job is by joining my full, 9-week Land Your Dream Job program that costs $397. 

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I know how hard it is to wake up and know something's missing but not be able to put your finger on which career would fit you and make you happy.

You don't deserve that!

What you DO deserve is to feel CONFIDENT in where you're headed, which is completely possible and within reach.



So just to recap... your gift includes:

  • Special LIFETIME access to one week of my $397 9-week course for just $17

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As with ALL my courses, you can count on a 100% money-back guarantee:

As a job seeker, your time and your money are precious resources. 

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Again, this is a time-limited opportunity for Next Steppers only:

After this week, the only way you can get access to Define Your Dream Job is by joining the full LYDJ program. 

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With love,