Flash back to 5 years ago, I was working in Silicon Valley, lounging in business class...

Liz Head Shot.jpg

I was working for LinkedIn, and traveling to pitch our Asia-Pacific teams on a young job seekers program I was building.

I felt like I should have been thanking my lucky stars.

Everything college-student Liz had dreamed of achieving in her career was in place -- making impact on a global scale; working at a renowned, mission-driven company; leading people and programs I cared about. I had figured out how to land passion-driven jobs at dream-worthy companies (more on that below), and built the career I had hoped for. 

But ironically, I wasn’t thanking any stars. I didn’t have the time. I hadn’t seen my family in months. I felt stressed out walking into the office every day. I realized I felt more energized the few days of each month I got to coach job seekers than I did in the boardroom.

This was my a-ha moment.

For the first time in my career, I paused and said, “Wait a second. Is this what I really want?”  I was at a crossroads where I had to decide what would dictate my career: inertia and other people’s expectations, or my values.

With this perspective, the decision to leave Silicon Valley became an easy one -- and I set out to find a next step that aligned with my my own definition of success.

Flash forward to today...

My new head shot - celebrating my first award for my online course, Land Your Dream Job

My new head shot - celebrating my first award for my online course, Land Your Dream Job

I now have the uncommon privilege of spending all-day-every-day helping people across the globe land jobs they love -- without the heartache, confusion (and radio silence!) that characterize the vast majority of job searches today. 

I combined the best practices I helped develop at LinkedIn, my experience coaching hundreds of job seekers, and my own job search successes (and failures)...

...And turned my knowledge of WHAT REALLY WORKS into an award-winning course and clear action steps that help job seekers navigate career transitions with confidence and ease.

And at night I get to hang with my hub and sweet pooch Atticus (who doubles as NSC'S Chief Furry Officer) without a stress cloud of doom over my head.

I couldn't be happier. 

I wasn't always a 'career expert'.  Oh no, no, no......

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Upon graduating from college, I was accepted into an elite master's degree program in France.

I thought I had it made. My future was secure.

But six months in, I knew it wasn't for me, and I dropped out.

Have you ever started something, only to realize soon after that it was positively, absolutely, NOT for you?

It was a terrifying conclusion to come to, and an even more terrifying one to act on.

As I lugged my heavy suitcases through the cobblestone streets of Paree, heading back to the airport with my head hung in shame, I was a graduate school drop out and had no idea what I would do.

Who on earth was going to hire me? Did I just make the most terrible mistake of my life?

These questions pounded unceasingly in my mind, and the self-doubt was almost overwhelming.

But in retrospect, this was the best thing that ever happened to me. And not just because it steered me to meet the man of my dreams, my now-husband… (Lucky me, he thought my career floundering was pretty cute.)  

Hub Paul and me cheering on our favorite team

Hub Paul and me cheering on our favorite team

Because it opened up new doors I never imagined possible in my career (If you would have told me I’d work at companies like Facebook and LinkedIn a decade ago, I would have called you crazy).

And even more-so, because it helped me learn two crucial secrets to career happiness:

1. No matter where you're coming from in your career, you CAN land a great job, one that lets YOU live YOUR values. Truly, there is no career failure you can’t overcome.

2. What’s standing between you and a job you’ll love is most likely NOT your resume... It’s your approach to job searching.

What most job searches look like:

pexels-photo-52608 (1).jpeg

My first month after dropping out of grad school, every day looked something like this…

*Search job boards and amass job opportunities in Excel sheet I hate looking at*
*Feel under-qualified for every job I want to apply for*
*Click out of job boards to avoid total desolation*
*Painstakingly edit resume and cover letters to hit daily quota of online applications*
*Check email; more rejection letters and radio silence*
*Say to myself in mirror “tomorrow’s another day...”*
*Grab a cheap beer from the fridge to dull the pain*

Sound familiar?

What I didn't know then, but know now: The old approach to job searching doesn't work anymore.


If firing off online applications is your primary job search strategy, get ready to make a change, my friend! Because the odds are simply NOT in your favor.

Not only does this approach kill your soul one cover letter at a time -- it actually lessens your likelihood of landing a job.

Do the math with me:

The average job posting today receives 250 applications.

AND only 35% of jobs are even posted online.

How do you like those odds?? 

Unfortunately, most job seekers respond to this by doubling down on the old approach:"Okay, that means I need a PERFECT resume, and to apply for MORE jobs." 

If that's you, don't beat yourself up about it. I will NEVER shame you for pursuing your dreams and doing your best.

But I do want to tell you what I had to learn the hard way...

The moment I cracked the job search code:

My job search was in complete disarray. But one day I got "lucky". 

I was out for coffee with my aunt. After spending a good few minutes lamenting the sorry state of my search, I told her what I was hoping to do (find a local economic development nonprofit interested in hiring a recent graduate). 

Almost magically, she replied that she had recently met a man who was starting a nonprofit and looking for an associate. 

She introduced us over email, and within two days, I had an interview.

Landing the job today boils down to one word: RELATIONSHIPS


I realized in this moment how easy it could be to get my foot in the door.

I started reaching out to people who worked at the organizations I wanted to join, either through mutual connections, or cold (yes, cold — if you haven’t yet, check out my cold email template with a 60-70% response rate).

Almost immediately, the interviews came pouring in. A month later, I had two amazing job offers in hand.

Because instead of being tossed aside as the graduate-school-dropout, I had people on the inside testifying on my behalf and helping me advance through the process.

The truth is...

By focusing on people instead of postings, we transform our odds of winning the offer -- and we transform the typically impersonal experience of job searching into one characterized by humanity, relationships, and happiness.

I wanted to shout it from the rooftops... 
Landing a job you love does NOT have to be so hard!!!

This relationship-focused job search strategy powered every one of my job searches. 

It helped me land jobs everywhere from Facebook to LinkedIn to Duke University, and other amazing organizations.

At LinkedIn, I became a platform expert and led the creation of curricula and training programs for underserved job seekers. And then I started taking job seekers of all backgrounds through my step-by-step approach.

I'm inspired by the results I've seen in my life and my clients' lives; it's remarkable to me how once you leave the old approach in the dust -- and start using this new approach, ANYONE can experience a job search success.

I believe everyone deserves to land a job they love. I founded Next Step Careers to carry this mission forward, in addition to the following beliefs: 

I believe that besides a person's love, the most sacred thing they can give is their labor

I believe we are all capable -- and deserving -- of careers we love

I believe the most important definition of success is the one that aligns with YOUR values

I believe that every big goal can be broken down into small steps, and once we do this, we turn goals from being possible into being probable

I believe just about ANYTHING is a skill you can learn

I believe embracing hard is the only way to grow, and that we are all primed for tremendous growth and possibility. All we have to do is say “okay”.

I believe fear is damn scary, but letting fear limit your life is even scarier

I believe there is no one perfect job for anyone -- career iteration is the new normal, and once we embrace this, the possibilities for our life and career become endlessly exciting

I believe behind every roadblock is a problem. Once you define it, you can solve it.

I believe some days can feel unbearable, but a good day is always just around the corner

I believe the authentic you is the most beautiful (and hireable!) you

I believe nourishing the self allows us to show up stronger and better serve the world (naps, breaks and vacations included!)

I believe there is no failure you can’t overcome, and no career goal out of reach

That's why I’m dedicated to... 

  • Co-creating resources with job seekers themselves, so that what I create isn’t more fluff -- it’s tangible, grounded, effective guidance that generates real results.

  • Offering free resources, pricing NSC services and courses below market rate, and providing significant discounts to people transitioning into or within social impact, in an effort to make great career advice affordable for everyone.

  • Serving job seekers of all backgrounds, recognizing that although we all share many of the same human struggles, some of us unjustly struggle more than others -- and I will go out of my way to support them, and to use my voice to help remedy those injustices.

  • Sharing my own failures and fears, in an effort to lead by example and help normalize struggle as an inherent part of the human experience and success story.

  • Ruthlessly prioritizing what I create and spend. I intentionally promote and live a low-cost, low-environmental-impact lifestyle, and I run my business the same way. This ensures NSC focuses its energy and dollars on making the greatest contribution, and can donate a significant portion of our income (10% last year) to high-impact nonprofits.

My greatest hope is to teach you what I know, so you can achieve YOUR definition of career success

Are you ready to take the real, momentum-building action steps for landing a job you’ll love?

If you’ve read this far, I can already say confidently that I know you’re ready.

You’re ready to dream big and put yourself out there to make it happen.

You’re ready to face your fears and not let rejection keep you from pursuing what you want.

And you’re smart enough to know that if you’re going to do this, you want to do it RIGHT. You want to make sure that every ounce of energy you put into building your dream career is well spent and pays off 100%.

Here’s the best place to start: Download my free Cheat Sheet that shares the Top 10 Strategies Working For Today’s Job Seekers.

It’s a quick list of the strategies I've seen work the best for my clients (and myself), all of which you can start putting into action today. I can't wait to help you land a job you love -- you deserve it!